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 Wood Ultrex Fiberglass Brought To You By Exclusively From MARVIN



Ultrex Advantages

Strong, stable, durable and virtually indestructible, Ultrex is possibly the perfect building material, creating windows and doors that leave other materials in the dust. Made from pultruded fiberglass, Ultrex outperforms vinyl and roll-form aluminum on nearly every measure.



No Other Window Material
Matches Up to Ultrex

  • 8x stronger than vinyl
  • 9x less heat expansion and
    contraction than vinyl
  • Non-conductive and
  • Patented finishing process resists
    fading and cracking
  • 10/20 warranty (10-year manufacturing
    warranty/ 20-year glass seal warranty)

Bottom Line: Integrity windows and doors are the most maintenance-free, hassle-free, worry-free on the market.

Integrity Windows Take On a Hockey Team

Try as you might, you can't keep these windows down. Watch as the toughness of Integrity windows made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is tested against the West Fargo hockey team.
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