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Dear Mitchell's Building Company,

We just want to tell you how much we appreciate all of the work you have done for us at our lake house. It has been a pleasure working with someone who is excellent at communicating, cares about craftsmanship, and is dependable and efficient.

After receiving your name to repair some of out windows at our home in town, we were extremely impressed with how quickly you responded back to us. You went the extra mile for a relatively small job and worked to verify warranty information for us with the manufacturer of the window company. This was a huge contrast to the months of run-around we had gotten from other contractors.

It has been wonderful to work with someone who communicates promptly and keeps us informed of how the work is going. This is why we did not hesitate to have you involved in our larger projects at the lake. We knew that communication and good judgment would be the key to success in the more distant and open-ended project of replacing extensive decking and boardwalks at the lake.

When we had questions, you were reachable (even on vacation) and when you had questions, you texted pictures of the problems along with solution options. There was never a surprise. When you gave us a quote for a job there were never any hidden costs and we knew exactly what to expect for our expenses.

The fact that you care about the quality if your work was proved many times by improving designs on the fly as the work progressed to meet your high standards. You were very accommodating to us when we added some additional projects to our original request for work. We also appreciate that you were willing to work around our vacation schedule so that the work didn't interfere with our guest.

You left the job site neat when the project was completed and you also took it upon yourself to make sure that the painters were on task and completing the job the way we wanted it done, since we could not be present, on site, all the time.

We have, over the years, worked with a number of very good contractors (and you are one of the best) but it is your communication and responsiveness that put you in a league of your own. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Thanks for a job well done!

Scott and Beth Strelow

  Dear Mitchell's Building Company,

 I am very pleased and excited to endorse Mitchell’s Building Company as a contractor.  Mitchell’s Building Company finished our basement in my current home and was outstanding to work with. Corey visited our home and provided an on time estimate with exact cost.  Corey and those working for him were very pleasant to work with and there was never an issue.  Corey was quick to adjust any changes we gave him as a customer and also was great in providing us with decorative ideas we had not thought of.  Mitchell’s Building Company made the whole process very manageable.  I enthusiastically endorse Mitchell’s Building Company as a contractor who cares and will provide a great finished product for you.


 Vince Houston

Home Owner in Christiansburg VA.

Dear Mitchell's Building Company

I consider it a holy privilege to recommend Mitchell's Building Company. This past summer my wife and I decided to add onto our back deck. After getting advice from several people we were introduced to Corey. He and his company had done work at my parent's house and came highly recommended. We decided to give him a try!

This was one of the best decisions we could have made. Corey and his crew were very thorough in all of the work that they did. The project was not the easiest on due to Montgomery County's building codes amongst other things. However, Corey was efficient and worked diligently to make sure our deck was not only what we wanted, but also in accordance with the local codes.

Throughout the work Corey would come and check on his crew's progress and workmanship. Anytime I had a question or concern, Corey was quick to look at it, offer options, and then take care of the situation. This was infrequent, but he always made sure to ask each and every day if there was anything that needed to be looked at and dealt with on the work. He is conscientious and determined to have the highest quality of work possible.

My wife, child, dog, and I love our new deck. Corey listened to what we wanted and delivered the deck that we wanted. He is a man of commitment, honesty, and of his word. I always felt that I could trust him and that he was telling me, not what I wanted to hear, but what was  the truth. This is very important in his industry and makes the consumer at ease in a process that sometimes can be stressful and confusing.

I highly recommend Mitchell's Building Company's work and find his company to be above reproach.

Be Blessed

Reverend Bret Gresham.

Dear Mitchell's Building Company,

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our new deck! It looks amazing. The design you came up with works beautifully with our house. The new deck looks like part of the house and not an addition to what we already had. We love the way you freshened up the screened porch so it flows well with the deck. Our outdoor living space is now very functional and looks fabulous!

Your crew was great to work with. They were polite and very neat! It was not an intrusion to have them here. Every day they cleaned up so we didn't have any interruption to our daily schedule. They showed up when expected and were very professional and best of all the project was completed on time!

Thank you so much for a job well done! We definitely will tell others about our great experience with Mitchell's. We will be calling you soon for more home improvements. 


Emily Daniel

Dear Mitchell's Building Company,

Thank you and your crew for another successful project! Our kitchen and bathroom counters look fantastic. We are so happy with the granite you helped us select. The transformation is amazing.
 You made this project so easy on our end. There was very little interruption in our daily routine while getting the job done. I can't believe you had our kitchen back in working order in 2 days! As an active, busy family that means a lot.
We are so impressed with you and your crew. The attention to details means so much when doing any kind of home improvement projects.
Thank you so much for your help from start to finish. We will be calling you again soon!


Emily Daniel

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